30 November 2012

Friday Five: 5 Cute Scarves

Friday Five: 5 Cute Scarves
I seem to have a bit of a winter series going on here.You can see my previous Friday Five posts about coats here and oversized jumpers here. Today I left the house thinking I'd be fine in just a jumper. I ended up with a bright pink nose that almost felt like it was going to fall off, wishing that I had something to cover it with. That's where scarves come in!

1. River Island / £16.00
2. River Island / £18.00
3. Vero Moda / £20.30
4. River Island / £10.00
5. Pieces / £17.86

I just realised that 3/5 of the scarves are from River Island, d'oh! While I was searching I found that they do a really pretty range of scarves, I recommend you check them out. Topshop also do a lot of pretty ones, so check them out too. (I have possibly become scarf-obsessed.)
Are you a fellow scarf lover? Got your eye on any particular pretty ones? Leave a comment and let me know.
Hugs and hot chocolate,

28 November 2012

Fashion Flashback: 1940s

Fashion Flashback: 1940s
banner credit: pattern and colours
Firstly, I want to have a little moment of celebration, because this blog has reached just over 1000 total views! I know that may not seem a lot to some people who've been blogging for a while, but I've been blogging for about a month and a half now and it really means a lot to me, so thank you very much to everyone who reads my blog posts.
Now, this post leads on from my post a couple of weeks ago about fashion in the 1920s. This time the focus is on the 1940s.

1940s Inspired
1 / 2
War took up some of the 1940s, which of course had an effect on the way people dressed. It was very much a far cry from the extravagant way flappers dressed in the 1920s. But, there were still a lot of pretty fashion trends, many of which (e.g. oxford shoes and florals) are popular with fashionistas nowadays.

1940s Inspired
1. Dress from Awear / £35.00
2. Trench Coat from SheInside / £31.02
3. Oxford Heels from Modcloth / £17.52
4. Bracelets from New Look / £7.99
5. Necklace from Modcloth / £9.38
Total = £100.91

Do you have any recommendations for which era I should cover in a Fashion Flashback post next? I'd love to hear any suggestions! As always, thanks a lot for reading.
Loads of love,

25 November 2012

My Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas Wishlist
Can you believe it's only one month until Christmas? This year's gone by so quickly!
Christmas time is my absolute favourite time of the year. To me, Christmas means spending time with my family, traditions like decorating the tree, happy memories of leaving out mince pies for Santa and carrots for Rudolph, yummy food, playing games, a lot of good movies and TV shows, and generally a fun, happy atmosphere.
So, presents are really only a bonus (albeit a very nice one) on top of all that.

These are the things I am hoping Father Christmas will bring in his sleigh for me this year:
 1. Daisy by Marc Jacobs from Debenhams / £42.50
2. Eyeshadow Palette from Coastal Scents / £15.56
3. Reindeer Slipper Socks from Topshop / £5.00
4. Studded Loafers from Boohoo / £20.00
5. Check Shirt from Topshop / £26.00

My other wishes:
iTunes voucher.
A new iPhone case.
For it to snow on Christmas day.
A happy new year!

So what do you want for Christmas this year? Have you been naughty or nice?
Leave me a comment and let me know!
Lots of love and mince pies,

23 November 2012

Friday Five: 5 Cute Oversized Jumpers

Friday Five: 5 Cute Oversized Jumpers
Welcome to another Friday Five! This sort of leads on from my post last week about some cute and affordable coats that you can find on the high street. This time it's all about oversized jumpers, which are amazingly comfy and are what I practically live in during winter.

1. Fashion Union / £22.00
2. River Island / £45.00
3. SheInside / £23.25
4. Monki / £35.00
5. Romwe / £26.62

 You can wear cute oversized jumpers both indoors (over your warmest pair of pyjamas) or outdoors when you decide to venture into the cold (with your favourite pair of jeans and slouchy boots), and you will always be both warm and stylish.
Thanks for reading. Until next time, happy snuggling!

21 November 2012

The Style Files: Alexa Chung

banner credit: pattern and colours
Alexa Chung's personal style is adored by so many people for a good reason - the girl knows how to dress! Her perfectly messy hair is the envy of many (I personally have the messy down but not so much the perfect...) and her outfits are always at the forefront of style, so my first celebrity style post has to be about her. I've put together three outfits inspired by her style.

The Style Files: Alexa Chung
 Who knew dark blue lace looked so gorgeous with leopard print? Evidently, Alexa did!
 Items used:
1. Shirt from Monki / £25.00
2. Bag from River Island / £35.00
3.Skirt from Forever 21 / $27.80 (£17.45)
4. Ankle Boots from ASOS / £17.50
5. Blazer from New Look / £27.99
Total = £122.94

The Style Files: Alexa Chung
The matching bright red lipstick and cutesy shoes pull this whole look together.
Items used:
1. Dress from Rare London / £10.00
2. Coat from New Look / £54.99
3. Flats from Charlotte Russe / $22.50 (£14.12)
4. Lipstick from Max Factor / £6.99
5. Clutch from New Look / £7.99
Total = £94.09

The Style Files: Alexa Chung
Take notes - this is how you wear a hint of animal print. The top makes the outfit a lot more fun while still keeping it classy.
Items used:
1. Top from Oasis / £40.00
2. Skirt from AWear / £8.00
3. Shoes from Boohoo / $40.00 (£25.10)
4. Bag from ASOS / £28.00
5. Coat from Topshop / £89.00
Total = £190.10

The inspiration pictures featured in this post have all been re-sized from here.
Thanks very much for reading, comments are always appreciated. Until next time, happy shopping!
Lots of love and lip gloss,

18 November 2012

Wearing Brighter Colours In Winter

Wearing Brighter Colours In Winter
banner credit: pattern and colours
During winter there usually aren't many bright colours to be seen, both in terms of the environment and clothing. It can be easy to just stick to black and white, but I can't help but find it a bit dull. Here I've put together three different ways to wear bright colours during the winter months.

Adding a pop of neon to a black-and-white outfit can make it look a lot more fun. Keep it to one or two neon items to avoid looking like a glow stick!

Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones by floral-mess
This is the most toned-down of the three outfits. You can wear jewel colours with earthy colours for a look that's subtle but not dull by any means. 
 Candy Colours
I call these "candy colours" because they're so sweet looking! As with the neon pop outfit, avoid going overboard with the bright colours for a cute and girly outfit.

Do you wear bright colours during winter or stick to safer shades? Leave a comment below.
 Thanks for reading!

16 November 2012

Friday Five: 5 Affordable Winter Coats

Friday Five: 5 Affordable Winter Coats
banner credit: pattern and colours
I'm sorry for starting another post with weather-related complaints (I can't help it, I'm British) but yeah, the weather here is pretty terrible. And by terrible I of course mean cold. This winter I will definitely need to wrap up warm, and fortunately there are a lot of cute coats out there that can fulfil that need, but unfortunately many of them come with a hefty price tag. I've scoured the shops to find some coats which I think get the mixture of style, practicality and price just right.

14 November 2012

Fashion Flashback: 1920s

Fashion Flashback: 1920s
banner credit: image
Many of the current fashion trends are throwbacks to the past, and I absolutely love it, so I decided to write some posts on how to wear fashion from past decades in a gorgeous and modern way. One of my favourite decades for fashion is the 1920s, so I'm starting off there!

1920s Inspired
 1 / 2
The most famous fashion style of the 20s was the Flapper look - featuring drop waistlines, short skirts and that famous bobbed haircut รก la Louise Brooks. The roaring 20s was a time of change, and flappers were known for breaking social norms (and looking pretty fabulous while doing it). 

1920s Inspired
1. Dress from Fashion Union / £32.00
2. Necklace from New Look / £12.99
3. Clutch Bag from New Look / £19.99
4. Hat from Anthropologie / £44.00
5. Ring from 1928 / $22.00 (£13.85)
6. Shoes from New Look / £14.99
Total = £137.82

Back then the flapper style was pretty expensive, but nowadays it doesn't have to be. 
So, what's your favourite part of 1920s fashion? Do you have any recommendations for my next Fashion Flashback post? Comments are always welcome.

PS: I didn't post on Sunday like I usually do because it was remembrance day, and I couldn't think of an appropriate post so I decided on having the equivalent of a few minutes silence on my blog.

9 November 2012

Friday Five: 5 Cute Collar Necklaces

Friday Five: 5 Cute Collar Necklaces
banner credit: pattern
Welcome to another Friday Five! This week the focus is on collar necklaces. I love them because they can transform a plain shirt and add a bit of detail to it, or simply be worn as a quirky necklace with any kind of top. I got myself a simple imitation pearl one from Topshop a while back and it can add a special something to pretty much any outfit!
Note: "Necklaces" may not be the right word to describe all of the items featured here, but I couldn't think of a better term.

7 November 2012

Awesome iPhone Cases

Awesome iPhone Cases
banner credit: pattern and colours
I'm going to cut to the chase here. I love my iPhone. I love pretty things. Therefore I REALLY love pretty things for my iPhone.
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about a webste called Wanelo where you can find all sorts of cool products and save them in your own little wishlists. If you venture into my wishlists you will find a lot of iPhone cases. They range from ones with cute patterns to ones covered in insane amounts of glittering glamorous shiny sparkliness that I didn't think were possible.

So I had to dedicate a post to all these lovely cases. It started off as a Friday Five but there was no way I was ever going to narrow it down that far so you're getting a ton of them to oogle at.
I apologise to non-iPhone users!

4 November 2012

Polyvore Post: Floral Jeans

banner credit: pattern and colours
Welcome to another Polyvore post! This time I'm focusing on outfits featuring floral print jeans/trousers. This probably won't be that shocking to you but I really like floral print. Maybe a little bit too much. I put together this very girly outfit featuring floral jeans about a month ago.


I know there are tons of other ways to wear them, so here ar
e a few gorgeous examples I found made by other Polyvore users.

2 November 2012

Friday Five: 5 Ways To Wear Oxblood Jeans

Friday Five: 5 Ways To Wear Oxblood Jeans
Welcome to another Friday Five post!
The oxblood trend is really popular this autumn - this dark red colour is pretty much everywhere right now. I especially love it on jeans, so I put together five autumn looks featuring oxblood jeans to provide a little inspiration as to when and how you could wear them. The jeans featured in all of these looks are this pair from Topshop, but you can also get a pair from Dorothy Perkins or All Saints.

Top / Leather Jacket / Boots
Add some gothic jewelry and dark lipstick.

Add a briefcase and a smartphone.

Add a ponytail and a good book.

Cardigan / Brogues / Top
Add a big tote bag and a cute necklace.

Bag / Shoes / Top
Add dark red nails and va va voom.

What would you pair with oxblood jeans? Leave a comment to let me know if you like.
Thanks for reading!
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